Humanist Volunteers Needed for Uganda Orphanage, School and Clinic Excursion

Amazingly, there are 8 humanist and schools in western Uganda, all in Kasese District, within 90 minutes of each other.

Specifically, there is Kasese Humanist Primary School and Kasese Humanist Secondary School (in Kasese); BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School (in Muhokya); Kahendero Humanist Primary School (in Kahendero); plus Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist Primary School (in Nyakiyumbu, near the Congo border), Mother Givers Humanist School (in Buhanga, near Kyarumba), Kanyenze Humanist Primary School (also near Kyarumba), and Garama Secondary Humanist School (in Kisinga). 

How did this happen? What propelled this influx of humanist thought into a remote, religious and superstitious region of the world?

Bwambale Robert Musubaho instigated the activity with the Kasese Humanist Primary School (KHPS), that he founded in 2011. Raised an orphan, he arrived at humanism via his own contemplation, an interior journey that he chronicles in his autobiography. The success of KHPS impelled Bwambale to launch a sister-school on the other side of town, Graham Humanist Primary School (he recently sold it to an Ugandan humanist associate).

The two freethinking academies attracted the attention of our  Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) - a California non-profit - in 2013. Inspired by Bwambale, BBI launched two crowd fund campaigns in 2015 that raised enough money to build, brick-by-brick, two new humanist institutions: BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School - “the world’s first atheist orphanage” - and Kahendero Humanist Nursery School.

Feeding children at Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School

Feeding children at Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School

Pressing ahead, BBI found four additional schools in the region that wanted to adopt humanism.  We offered them gifts of humanitarian aid, and the Ten Humanist Principles. Women’s collectives are especially drawn to BBI’s promotion of gender equality and support of birth control.

By June 2017, the 8 humanist schools will be ready for visitors. Humanist volunteers from around the world are encouraged to lend their assistance to the orphanage, the schools, and the clinics, serving as teachers to the young Ugandan students.

The humanist schools directed by Bwambale Robert Musubaho (KHPS, BiZoHa, Kahendero) will serve as the base of operations. Volunteers can lodge at our currently-being constructed BiZoHa Humanist Center & Volunteer Hostel, just 500 meters away from BiZoHa. Or they can stay at our currently-being constructed Eco-Huts, by the campus of Kahendero Humanist Primary School. Volunteers who want to work at Kasese Humanist Primary School can lodge at the White House Hotel - and anyone who wants to work in the humanist schools near Kyarumba can stay at the Karumba Coffee Resort. (info on those accommodations HERE)

Building a Humanist Classroom in Kyarumba

Building a Humanist Classroom in Kyarumba

Adventurous tours to local attractions — like Queen Elizabeth National Park, with its abundance of wildlife - are also planned on weekends, when the schools are closed.

Humanists interested in the promotion of their philosophy into the Subsaharan will find their volunteer stint fascinating “beyond belief.” Compassionate humanitarians, medical practitioners, educators, environmental science activists, and sustainable development strategists will also be gifted with a deeply rewarding experience.

Three upcoming sessions are recommended, corresponding with the school terms. They are:

June 24 - August 24

October 1 - December 1

March 1 - May 1

It isn't necessary to stay the entire two months of each session, but it is required to arrive at the start date, for a week of training and orientation. 

The cost is Very Reasonable!  The week of training costs $500. Lodging is $250/month at the Volunteer Hostel or Eco-Hut, and only slightly more - $330/month - at White House Hotel or Kyarumba Coffee Resort. If you eat lunch everyday at the school where you volunteer, that cost is $100 month. Eating off-campus is only $1 - $1.50 per meal. The total? Training + 2 months room & board = $1,600.  

volunteer Aaron Silver-Pell teaching humanism at Kasese Humanist Primary School

volunteer Aaron Silver-Pell teaching humanism at Kasese Humanist Primary School

Brighter Brains Institute will help you find the best airfare available, and once you're in Uganda - the public bus system can take you hundreds of miles in any direction for less than $10. English is commonly spoken in Uganda, and al volunteers have free access to any of BBI's eleven clinics in the region. Our schools are ideally located in a fabulous natural area, between Ruwenzori National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park (Kahendero is actually situated inside QE Park, and BiZoHa is across the street from the boundary.)

Bwambale Robert Musubaho and the Brighter Brains Institute will work hard to guarantee you an incredible time.

To find out more about this unique volunteer experience, email