How To Help


Participation in any of the organizing activities and projects of Africa Humanists is open to all, without discrimination. Here's how you can help:


Become a volunteer member and/or create your own

Hold a meeting(s) on the themes of non-violence and peacemaking in your community, your school or place of work.

Organize your community to create a social project in your
area, with the support of other Humanist volunteers.


Become a volunteer member. For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Sponsor an Africa-USA project party to your home with a speaker. Donations collected will go directly to assisting
schools in Uganda and Kenya.

Sponsor a child's education in Uganda or Kenya ($150-200
a year). Most of the children who are currently sponsored
have been orphaned because of the AIDS epidemic.

Hold an East African handicrafts party in your home. All proceeds go to promoting literacy in Africa.

Start a penpal project with students from an East African school.

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