Jitegemee Huruma

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Peter Ndubo

Jitegemee Huruma Youth Group, Nairobi, Kenya

Key Aims

bullet Garbage Collection
bullet Community Service
bullet Sports & Recreation Activities

bullet History
Our group was started three years ago as a self help group going by the name of "Huruma Be Clean Youth Group.  In 2003 we changed our name to Jitegemee Hurama Youth Group because we wanted to engage in income generating activities apart from the garbage collection and in memory of our late brother Peter Ndubo who introduced and affiliated us the the Humanist group.

bullet Aims and Achievements
To keep our estate and neighborhood clean.
To keep the youth of drugs and social misconduct.
We have our own soccer team "Huruma Flats FC".  Some of the members play for the top teams in the country's soccer primary league.

bullet Our Vision
As our motto states "Harambee" which means working together in harmony for betterment of all.  Our Vision is to assist Huruma youths in the achievement of social and economic equality.
To be self reliant economically and good citizens.
To assist the less fortunate in the society.

bullet Goals
1. Community Service
To facilitate and expand the garbabe collection project.
Offering community servite to childrens homes and the homes of the elderly.

2. Income Generating Project
Short Term , garbage collection, carpet and sofa cleaning, poultry farm.

Long Term , Communication center/bureau "Information Teknolojia" will be an initiative that will aim to provide underserved youths in the future with access to technology and guidance to use computers and the Internet most effectively.  It is our long term goal that the group will launch teknologia sites within the neighborhood.

3. Interaction With Other Groups and Organizations
The aim of interaction will be to attain skills, new ideas and experiences which can help the members of our group.

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