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Founding member Ronald Musoke
Ronald Musoke In 2000, several Humanist members from northern California had the good fortune to meet a young Ugandan student studying at the College of Marin. Ronald Musoke had come to the US for his education. His parents had already died in Uganda from AIDS, leaving him to forge a future for himself and his siblings. At the time Ronald had his first meeting with the Bay Area Humanists, he was collecting discarded books to send back to schools in his homeland. Ronald invited these local Humanist members to visit his country and in May of 2001, two members traveled there from California. During that initial trip, interested people from various local Ugandan communities began to participate and many projects were started.

Since that time, seven California teams have visited Uganda and Kenya to support and promote social projects that have been created by our East Africa teams.

Humanist Members from California

Members gather for conference in Chile, South America

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