Humanist Movement


Africa Humanists was initiated thanks to the efforts of the volunteers of the Humanist Movement in California and East Africa.

The Humanist Movement is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting community activism and global understanding. The Humanist Movement is currently active in over 100 countries. Its basic goal is to create communities of support that encourage change on a personal, community and global level using a methodology of active non-violence.

International Humanist gathering in Santiago, Chile

Like the forefathers of active non-violence, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and more currently, Nelson Mandela, the members of the Humanist Movement share a basic belief  that positive, non-violent transformation begins with oneself and one's immediate community. Since we are rapidly becoming one planet via the media and mass communication, our idea of community now extends to people all around the world.

Humanist student members at Makerere guesthouse, Uganda

The Humanist Movement is open to all who wish to build a better world, regardless of race, gender, religious background, culture, etc. Our highest principle is to treat others the way that you would like to be treated.

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