New Humanism


What the New Humanist Movement IS and IS NOT

The New Humanist Movement is an all-volunteer, community-based organization based on non-violence, non-discrimination, religious tolerance and respect for diversity.

We are NOT an institution, political party, religion or sect.  Nor are we an NGO or humanitarian organisation.  The New Humanist Movement is all volunteer.  Therefore, it is NOT a business and it does NOT have economic resources.

The New Humanist Movement is NOT against GOD or religious faiths and practices and is open to people of all faiths on the condition that participants will not preach or practice violence or discrimination to impose their views.

The New Humanist Movement upholds the universality of the human being with the statement -- "I feel the human in you, I feel the human in me and it is exactly the same". Therefore, it has participating members from many diverse cultures, religions and countries and from all walks of life and has never adopted a point of view that is purely rational, scientific, European or naturalistic.

The New Humanist Movement was founded towards the end of the 1960's by the Argentine thinker and writer Mario Rodriquez Cobos, known by the literary pseudonym of Silo.  New Humanism and the New Humanist Movement now exist in more than 70 countries spread across the 5 continents.

While the New Humanist Movement does NOT seek to establish a monopoly or dominance within the many existing humanist and humanitarian movements,  it clearly differentiates itself from all of them.

This point leads to important differences with previous and existing humanisms such as those Humanist organisations affiliated with the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) and Secular Humanism.

The New Humanist Movement maintains its autonomy and independence from all other humanist and humanitarian currents active in today's world.  It promotes freedom of thought and beliefs and directs its activities  towards increased freedom, justice and humanity through non-violent methods.  We are a social movement that is working towards the creation of a Universal Human Nation.with the guding principle "Treat Others The Way You Like To  Be Treated".

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